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Notification: Hall of Justice ID Badge Pick-Ups

Published by Chelsea Swaim / March 18, 2020

Due to concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19 and in an attempt to increase social distancing, all pick-ups for Hall of Justice ID Badges will be suspended until further notice. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Forsyth County

Tips to avoid online phishing scams

Published by Aegis Technologies / March 16, 2020

Beware of suspicious emails and other common ways cybercriminals can target you. Here's some tips to keep your devices and your private data safe from online phishing attacks.

Public Health

Forsyth County identifies two presumptive cases of COVID-19

Published by Todd Luck / March 12, 2020

Two Forsyth County residents have tested presumptively positive for novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The two COVID-19 cases are related to travel and not attributed to community spread. Residents are urged to continue to take standard precautions like hand washing and staying home if you're sick.

Emergency Services

Forsyth County Firefighters Association honors local firefighters

Published by Todd Luck / March 12, 2020

Forsyth County Firefighters Association honored several county firefighters during its meeting on March 11.

Department of Social Services

FC DSS Child Support agents among top in the state for February

Published by Todd Luck / March 12, 2020

Four Child Support agents with Forsyth County Department of Social Services were recognized by the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS) as being among the top child support lump sum collectors in the state for February 2020

Department of Social Services

Changes to the Public Charge Test

Published by Amanda Pruitt / March 12, 2020

Rules regarding the public charge test used by immigration officials to determine if a person is likely to become dependent on the the government for support have changed recently.

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