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Report Type: Lost Animal
Report Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Report Time: 2:22 PM
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Your Name: Elizabeth Allison
Main Phone Number: 5126336825
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Lost Animal's Information
Species: Cat
Breed: mixed
Color: Black with very small white spot on ear
Sex: M
Size: Medium
Weight: 15 pounds
Age: 10+
Date Lost: 3/11/2019
Where Lost: Clemmons
In the Vicinity of: Sunny Brook Villas/Village
Additional Comments: My cat's name is LBK, but I call him Boo. He was an indoor/outdoor cat in Texas where we lived before we moved here. Here he has been inside all the time because the weather has been so cold and rainy, but yesterday he was able to find a door to the outside that was slightly open and leave. He is black with a white tiny spot on his ear and some white fur on his tummy. He is very sweet, but he is older and has hyperthyroidism, and he needs medication for it. Because of his condition, his back end looks skinny. I live in Sunny Brook Village off of Loop Road, and he probably headed to the forest behind my house. He is mircochipped, but it was done from his vet in Wimberley, Texas. I phoned the Cypress Creek Vet in Wimberley to let them know today, and I phoned the Ark Vet in Clemmons to let them know. PLEASE contact me if you see him or find him. He is probably hungry and thirsty. I miss him very much and worry about him. Thank you, Libby A
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