Change in Assumed Business Name Law

Effective 12-1-2017, any Certificate of Assumed Business Name form recorded in the local Register of deeds office will be transmitted to the NC Secretary of State (NCSOS) statewide database. Searches for all 100 counties are available through this portal. A single business registration will cover multiple counties. The certificate must be filed in the county where the person resides or where they plan to conduct business. Notarization of the form is no longer required. Up to five business names can be filed on one form. The recording fee remains the same. NCGS Chapter 66 Article 14A.

Certificates of Assumed Business Name filed under the current law will expire 12-1-2022. There is a 5 year transition period to record a new form. The form is not automatically filed when the old form expires. Anyone who plans to register a business name in North Carolina will use the new Certificate of Assumed Business Name form.

Record a Business Name

Certificate of Assumed Business Name forms also referred to as Doing Business As (DBA) and Fictitious Name can be recorded in person, by mail, or E-Recorded. Information for all owners and partners in the business must be provided on the Certificate of Assumed Business Name form. Recording an Assumed Business Name is not the same as filing for a Business License.

Apply for a Business License

To apply for a Business License, contact the, NC Department of Revenue, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for assistance completing the process.

Start an Online Business

To register a business for the purpose of conducting business Online, contact the NC Secretary of State Office at


The NC Department of the Secretary of State oversees the Incorporation of a Business Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Nonprofit Corporations, and Professional LLCs, at

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