July Detention Staff Member of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Monday, August 15, 2011

Sgt. Joyce has been named Detention Staff member of the Month for his work in implementing the Reformers Unanimous (RU) program at the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center (LEDC).

The RU program is a faith based initiative through Gospel Light Baptist Church that provides assistance to inmates suffering from addictions. The program is most successful because it improves the quality of life of the inmate and their families not only while incarcerated, but continues once an inmate is released. The after release contact provides needed support such as mentoring and housing assistance, and often most importantly, a safe and positive environment for families to reconnect. The program comes free of charge to the Sheriff’s Office. The program is a ten week program for both men and women and is totally staffed by volunteers.

Sgt. Joyce was insturmental in the coordination of volunteer training, guideline development and protocols and implementation the program at the LEDC. Sgt. Joyce has been recognized by the RU program and has now been asked to speak at local and national levels on how to implement the RU program in detention facilities.