December Detention Staff Member of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On December 16th, Corporal L. Lemons was conducting routine cell inspections at the LEDC. During an inspection in dormitory 8F, he discovered a large amount of contraband hidden by an inmate. Corporal Lemons immediately requested additional officers in the area to respond to help search the entire cell.

As a result of the search the following items were found: 9 jumpsuits, 10 towels, 14 sheets, 23 books and a spray bottle containing cleaning chemicals. Additional items were also found hidden in the cell. The contraband items could have been used to assault officers and inmates, aid in an escape attempt or lessen the effect of a Taser deployment.

Due to Corporal Lemons’ attention to detail, he prevented a potentially dangerous situation for officers and inmates within the LEDC.