June Civilian Staff Member of the Month

  • By Ashleigh Sloop
  • Posted Friday, July 15, 2016

Since February 2, 2016 the Business Office has been short one person. During June very heavy year-end purchasing has kept Margaret extremely busy beyond what is normally expected. During this time, Margaret has optimistically taken on new responsibilities/ duties to help make sure the work gets done. This additional workload included paying invoices, posting “Limited Contracts” (CL’s) for services under $3,500, as well as many other tasks, including the employee appreciation event, and employee reimbursements.

Margaret has done an excellent job of balancing job tasks, learning new job duties, and taking on new responsibilities with basic instruction. She has taken on the job duties quickly, with a limited learning curve. She has maintained a high level of productivity and has demonstrated an excellent attention to detail and accuracy. Margaret demonstrates a positive attitude and provides excellent customer service to both internal and external customers. Margaret’s efforts, skills, and experience have been especially vital and important in maintaining the primary functions and tasks of the Fiscal Management Department and Agency during a time period of short staffing.