December Enforcement Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Monday, February 3, 2020

In August 2019, Deputy M. Tuft began investigating a Larceny of Mail incident. Deputy Tuft was able to identify the vehicle used in the incident, the owner of the vehicle and a possible suspect in this case. The victim provided video evidence of a male suspect removing mail from the mailbox. Through investigative techniques, Deputy Tuft was able to identify the suspect by name. Deputy Tuft contacted the United States Postal Inspector, who in turn, opened a case against the suspect. In December 2019, Deputy Tuft conducted a traffic stop on the suspect's vehicle for various regulatory violations. During the traffic stop, Deputy Tuft was able to gain consent to search the vehicle based on past history with the suspect. While conducting the search, three pieces of U.S. Mail addressed to other people were found inside the vehicle. After contact was made with the names on the mail, it was confirmed that the mail had been removed from a mailbox in King, N.C. With the assistance of the United States Postal Inspector, the suspect confessed to multiple larcenies of mail. Deputy Tuft was able to clear up some cases along with the King Police Department. Through a concerted effort to locate and identify the suspect, Deputy Tuft helped the US Government bring charges against a person who had no thought to the victims who were affected by the false documents obtained and monies withdrawn from their accounts. Deputy Tuft was instrumental in bringing this suspect to justice for the felonious crimes that had been committed.