October Enforcement Staff Members of the Month

  • By Alicia W. Coleman
  • Posted Thursday, November 19, 2020

On 10-28-2020 units responded to a report of an attempted suicide in progress. Upon arrival Cpl. Beeson, Deputy Earnhardt, Deputy II Wyer, and Deputy K. Sturkie attempted to gain contact with the subject at the residence. They were unable to get a response, and attempted phone calls to the home without an answer as well. While checking around the exterior of the home deputies observed the female subject through a window attempting to hang herself. They called out to the female to stop and come to the door. Her response was disheartening. At this time Deputy Earnhardt forced entry into the home by kicking the front door open under exigent circumstances. All deputies on scene then entered the home and made their way to the female. Once they got to her the citizen was actively hanging from an electrical cord that she had hung up and was choking and purple. While they held onto the female to attempt to control her body another cut the cord to release her from hanging. She then had a controlled fall to the floor and life saving measures were taken by the deputies until FCEMS arrived. FCEMS evaluated the female and transported her emergency traffic to Baptist Hospital where she received further lifesaving treatment, and is expected to survive her attempt at suicide. If it had not been for the swift action of all deputies involved working as a team and utilizing proper training and tactics this could have resulted in the death of this citizen. Therefore, we proudly provide Cpl. Beeson, Deputy Earnhardt, Deputy II Wyer, and Deputy K. Sturkie with Staff Members for the month for their roles in saving this citizen’s life.