June Detention Staff Member of the Month

  • By Robin Brown
  • Posted Monday, July 25, 2022

This past year has been one of the toughest years at the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center due to staff shortages. In times when adversity has broken the spirit of a lot of people, Ms. K. Tuttle has persevered. Through the rough times in losing one of our teammates to helping with staff shortages on another shift, her spirit never wavered. Ms. Tuttle is dedicated to her job, loves what she does, and gives it her all. She has worked tirelessly to prepare the daily paperwork in preparation for the day ahead. Ms. Tuttle’s skills and knowledge of the required documentation are unsurpassed. Mistakes stand out to her as if they were highlighted in red which has proved to be an invaluable skill. Relationships she has developed with the clerks and District Attorney’s office have enabled her success. Ms. Tuttle is always willing to help others and does not mind sharing the knowledge she has gained during her 24 years with this agency. Ms. Tuttle has established a reputation within the Detention Center as the person who has the answers. Quite often you will hear staff say, “If you don’t know the answer, call Ms. Tuttle.” Ms. Tuttle is a leader and a respected member of the Pretrial team – she could never be replaced. Ms. Tuttle’s supervision does not have to worry when they are away because they know Ms. Tuttle will handle the job just fine.