Shelter 2

The Makerspace is a unique room at the Central Library where patrons are welcome to work on projects involving crafting and making. Occasionally, the Library will offer programs and classes that utilize the maker equipment in the room (see Calendar of Events for details on future programs).

To reserve the Makerspace, call 336-703-3050 or visit the Computer Services desk in person at the Central Library. If you are a first time user, you must call and schedule a time for a Meeting Room orientation. This orientation will include training in general Meeting Room policy and the Makerspace waiver

The Meeting Room training will also cover the equipment

The Makerspace contains:

  • 3D printer (to be used with Library personnel)
  • Sewing machine (to be used during Library-sponsored programming)
  • Cricut machine
  • High level tables with stools for crafting
  • Large television screen to view tutorial and crafting videos

All users of the Makerspace must adhere to the Makerspace Policy and Waiver.

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