**Important Changes for Candidate Filing**

Notices of Candidacy may not be delivered by surrogates or staff. Only the candidate may file the notice of candidacy and pay the filing fee in person at the apropriate board of elections. Alternatively, a candidate may have the candidate's signature on the notice of candidacy acknowledged and certified by an officer authorized to take acknowledgements and administer oaths, in which case the candidate may mail or deliver by commericial courier service the candidate's notice of candidacy to the appropriate board of elections.

Candidates other than Sheriff
  • A candidate's prior felony conviction does not preclude holding elective office if the candidate's rights of citizenship have been restored. A felony conviction need not be disclosed if the conviction was dismissed as a result of reversal on appeal or resulted in a pardon of innocence or expungement.

Municipal Notice of Candidacy

Candidate Signage & Precinct Regulations