• By April Bowman
  • Posted Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trailblazer Teens are Hungry to Help

Throughout 2010, the Trailblazer Teens have helped feed the hungry in many different ways. First, they brought canned food items to their district’s Teen Retreat. Second, they prepared two meals for the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission (WSRM). And last, they helped sort through canned goods and other food items at the Second Harvest Food Bank.

In the past, the TB Teens have enjoyed preparing meals for the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission. This year was no exception as they had an opportunity to serve a delicious Sheppard’s pie and a taco salad. After each meal was served, the teens would sit down with the residents and talk to them. One club member pointed out, “As you talk with them, you find out that they are ordinary people like you and me who aren’t as fortunate.” Both meals were organized by club member Allison Wise.

This year, the Trailblazers Teens decided to expand their community service projects. One of the projects they added was helping out at the Second Harvest Food Bank. The TB Teens made three trips to the Food Bank this year for a group total of 252 hours and they sorted approximately 12,000 meals. Club member Brandon Joyce organized these trips.

Also, the Trailblazers Teens have not only used their time and energy to help feed the hungry; they have also used their club funds. They donated money to the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission to buy thirty Thanksgiving meals and joined the Second Harvest Food Bank’s 93 Dollar Club.

Way to go Trailblazer Teens!!

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YOUth CAN do it

Sure, feeding the hungry has always been a problem for America, but for a teenager to do something about it? Incredible!!

Hosanna Gourley, a member of the Trailblazer Teen 4-H club, came up with an idea for a food drive named “YOUth CAN.” The goal of YOUth CAN was to get several Church youth groups together for a food drive. The youth pastor and two representatives from each youth group would meet at the YOUth CAN Council were they would organize the logistics of the food drive (i.e. what neighborhoods to canvass and collect from, when to canvass and collect, when to donate the food items, etc.).

However, only two youth groups jumped on board with YOUth CAN, but the food drive was still successful and 435 food items were donated to the Crisis Control Food Pantry.

Next year, Hosanna hopes that more youth groups will be involved. With more teens, YOUth CAN will be able to feed more hungry people.

Way to go Hosanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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