• By Tan McDougal
  • Posted Monday, December 29, 2014

Forsyth County DSS Participates in "Christmas for the City"

Forsyth County DSS employees joined in on the "Christmas spirit" by representing our agency at a community-wide event called "Christmas for the City." The event was held on Friday, December 19th at the Benton Convention Center and is best described as a "free Christmas party for the city." For the past six years, local churches, businesses and the non-profit community have come together to throw a free citywide Christmas party that features live music, arts performances, children’s activities, and connections with non-profit agencies. The desired goal and outcome of this event is to increase the ability to build connections throughout our entire community that allow us to collaborate for the greater good. Last year, over 10,000 guests attended "Christmas for the City."

Forsyth County DSS was among 50 non-profits participating at this year’s event. Other agencies included, Bethesda Center, Crisis Control, Salvation Army, Public Health Department, and Experiment in Self-Reliance to name a few. FCDSS was represented by an array of staff from several key areas in the agency. Emily Allen, Terry Andrews, and Donald Wilson represented the Child Support program; F&C Division was represented by Sharon Porter, Foster Parent Recruiter; Kim Collie, Assistant Director for Income Support represented her division; and Tan McDougal served as an overall agency representative.

The venue for non-profit agencies was quite different than in the past. Instead of the typical "expo style" with table, displays, handouts, and brochures, it was more like a community gathering where non-profits were encouraged to focus on building relationships through meaningful conversation with community members. Terry Andrews had a meaningful experience when two young boys asked "what was his job at DSS?" They listened patiently as he connected with them and explained his job in language they could understand. The boys walked away with smiles on their faces after engaging with Mr. Andrews who gave them the same time and attention as he would have given to any adult!

Christmas for the City was a first-time event for our agency. Those attending and representing the agency felt this was great exposure for FCDSS, as well as a good opportunity to connect with our community and the people we serve. The agency is committed to increasing our presence in the community and will continue its participation and involvement in future community related events. If you would like more information about Christmas for the City, please visit their website, http://www.christmasforthecity.com/.

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