• By Todd Luck
  • Posted Friday, August 12, 2022

Child Support Services staff recognized for their service

Social Services’ Child Support Services staff was treated to lunch and given certificates of recognition and gifts on Thursday, August 11, in honor of Child Support Awareness Month.

Collecting child support can be a complex process that includes having to prove a parent’s means and ability to pay in court. This can be challenging since staff deals with more than 13,000 cases a year.

Despite those challenges, Forsyth County’s Child Support Services staff collected more than $23 million for families and children during State Fiscal Year 2022. They also exceeded state goals in the area of Paternity Establishment and Payment to Arrears. They achieved 98.83 percent of their goal for Cases Under Order goal and achieved 96.79 percent of their Current Support Collections goal.

“I am so proud of this team and their efforts to improve the lives of families and children across North Carolina. Not only have our court processes become more complex, but we have also dealt with a high rate of turnover and staffing shortages due to the ripple effects of COVID-19," said Child Support Services Division Director Jennifer Tubbs. "This team has found a way to work together to make sure every family is served. We take a whole-family approach to our case management practices, and we are invested in creating better outcomes for the children we serve. I am excited to see what can be accomplished for those children in the coming year.”

To see more photos from the event, click here.

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